good morning sunshines!  it's the weekend!  i've been having some technical issues so our lovely giveaway that was due to be posted yesterday will be coming next week instead.  stay tuned though, you won't want to miss it!  trust me on that one!

i've got both my girlies home with me today (it's another pro-d day....le sigh). the sun is shining and i've been up since 5am since my faucet nose decided to run a don't you hate that feeling of "i have to shove half a roll of toilet paper up my nostril to keep from getting soaked" kind of feeling? ok...tmi...anyways thank god for madmen, the yarn harlot's books (reading & laughing "free range knitter"), my knitting and gosh darn good cuppa tea.  it's all i've been living on this week. the icing on the cake this morning though was a) a huge propane tank explosion in the city scared the wits out of me it was so loud and our whole condo shook and b) my kiddos slept in till almost 8am! seriously??? wth is that about? the one day i'm up before the whole house just sitting here waiting for someone to stir and they all sleep in later than i normally do and a huge explosion happens and nobody wakes up?  it's always the way right?  weird.

the sun is shining though and we've had some gorgeous weather here so i'm hoping to be feeling well enough to get out and bask in it a bit.  in the meantime though i've been plugging along on my TTT KAL project.  that cardi has been carted about everywhere and i almost had a panic attack when i realized that i had 15mins to wait at school pickup and left the aforementioned knitting project at home by the front door. i must have spent the whole 15mins trying to analyze if i had time to drive home and get it or not without being late. you see when you are in the throes of a love affair with your knitting you absolutely, under no circumstances leave said project at home. ever. i almost cried...well, ok, not cried, but i really felt like it.  i didn't even have my ipad with me to document my sadness to you all on instagram. also - remember if you're on instagram to tag your pics #tttkal and you can find me on there under "luvinthemommyhood".  and if you don't have instagram you can still see my pics by looking at the bottom of my sidebar. there's a handy widget on there showing a slideshow of my instagram feed. fun right?  there's already pics from gals in our kal on instagram and it's so fun to go on and check on everyone's progress.

also in tech news sounded legit there for a sec right? hahaha) j/k, sort of.  i finally bit the bullet and started up a fun, free newsletter for luvinthemommyhood/very shannon! yay!  so once a month you'll get a fun email from moi filled with lots of interesting stuff, updates on new patterns and free tutorials, sales, discounts and more!  you can click "here" to sign up or on the top of my sidebar to subscribe to the newsletter.  i promise no spam :) 

here's hoping you all have a wonderful, explosion & cold free weekend filled with coffee, friends, family, crafty goodness galore & good times.  see y'all on monday <3

sooooo, what are you up to this weekend? what projects did you work on this week? are you sewing or knitting?  am i the only one who "almost" cried because i forgot my knitting? share away, let's chat - it's friday :)