Summer Sweater Knit Along 2013 on

summer is here and that means it's time for our annual SUMMER SWEATER KNIT ALONG!!!

it's time! the sun is shining and summer is here! but there are other things brewing besides beach dates, cool drinks and sunshine - our summer sweaters! one of our missions here on is to encourage knitters to not shy away from knitting in the warmer months.

why wait until it's cold to knit up your favorite new sweater when you can make it now and cozy up in it ALL. WINTER. LONG.

the summer sweater knit along is our most popular knit along of the year! our readers excitedly await this friendly, fun & inspiring knit along! we strive to create a strong sense of community with our knit alongs. we want you to build new & thriving friendships as well as have an inviting place to come and share all of their knitting triumphs (and failures) whether it be on our blog, our lively ravelry group or on social media.

we want YOU to join in!


July 24th to September 18th (approximately)

sign ups, new info, our pinterest board, blog buttons & more info will be posted on july 24th at the start of the kal! in the meantime get picking your yarns...your patterns....and swatch (just don't cast - fun, fun, fun!

you can share your pics, patterns, and more in our ravelry group here and also here on the blog in the comments below. you can also find out more about our knit alongs by clicking on knit alongs on the top menu bar of the blog.

we have a hashtag and we want you to use it!

use hashtag #sskal on facebook, twitter & instagram so we can all follow your projects! trust me when i say this is FUN! it was so great to check in with everyone's pics each week on instagram and now with facebook working with hashtags it's even more fun!

LolliSock Yarn from Sweet Fiber Yarns

if you've never knit a garment before this is the time to start! what better way to learn than with a group of women eager to help you learn and show you how easy it can be! with resources, tips, technical guest posts and more we will hold your hand through the whole process...promise :) we hope you'll join us! we've got lots planned this summer and an exciting new twist as well! and the sponsors.....just wait! they are amazing!

which patterns are you drooling over? yarn you're excited to work with? are you joining in? let's chat below! happy pattern & yarn shopping..hehe....

p.s. if you have a business/are a designer or know of some that you think would be a great fit or you'd love to see for our summer sweater kal please email me at