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my laptop is a beast. there i said it. it's huge. it's heavy and i've had it for 3 years and never had a case. 

it's always bothered me that when i take my 17" laptop out of the house it's not in something fun and stylish. instead it's been in a ugly one i borrow from the hubs occasionally.  my laptop has what we lovingly refer to as the hump. it's powerful but is not a mac. it's a hp that has done me well considering what i put it through each day. it never ever fits traditional laptop cases very well. the hump always gets in the way. but she deserves something sassy to wear when i take it out as a reward for it's loyalty. she's getting old ya know....shhhh..don't tell her i said that though.

when the fabulous company caseable contacted me about there laptop cases i literally squealed with delight! customizable cases and sleeves for all your electronics? i'm in! 

you can make a case or sleeve for anything from laptops (yesss!), ipad's, kindles and more! and the selections! ahhhhmazing. honestly. i went in fully prepared to make my own laptop case from scratch. i was all ready with a design worked out but then i became smitten with all the designer templates available in their gallery! yes - you can buy cases/sleeves done by artists and even customize those too! honestly - there was a lot of fun and exciting designs. i had a great time. so much fun it actually took me a while to pick one! you'd think i was purchasing a car or something it took me so long to decide. i know this post isn't about sewing or knitting but dudes - this was fun!

caseable laptop sleeve review on

then i got to customize. you know the part where you get to add a bit of your personality & flair to your case. you know...the fun part :)

i went with this rockin geometric design for my laptop case by artist bianca green (luv her stuff btw). i kept going back to it over and over again and in the end it won out. once you've chosen your design on caseable you can still customize it. i changed up the zipper & thread and the side piece that is over the start/end of the zipper too. i went from a dark grey to a bright, bold in your face yellow.

  caseable laptop sleeve review on

you know me and color - i wanted the zipper to have some zip!

you can also change up other things like  add fun text/logos or straps etc to really personalize your choice using an easy platform. of course if you went the total custom route you would design the entire thing. honestly - it was a cool project to undertake. just think of the fun you could have! i only wish i had a cool cell phone so i could do one up for that too.
caseable laptop sleeve review on
img courtesy of caseable
all of caseables cases/sleeves are made from recycled materials as well - luv that. my laptop case shown above features the following:
  • full bleed print on front and back of laptop 17" sleeve in photo quality
  • durable thread by german company Güterman® and strong zippers and pull tabs by japanese company YKK®
  • extra thick 5.0mm neoprene layer of laptop 17" case for full protection
  • soft interior lining to protect your laptop 17"
i highly recommend caseable. i am beyond smitten with mine and i think my laptop likes it too. caseables customer service is also top notch!

in fact they are so awesome they are offering you all 15% off all orders from now until 07/19/2013 using the promo code "luvinthecase"!  

promo is valid in the us & canada. thank you caseable!

so go on...go have some fun and dress up your favorite tech gadget with a new customizable case or sleeve.  you can find all things caseable below:
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*disclosure: my laptop case was provided by caseable and all opinion stated above our my own.