sewing area revamp part three - the chair!

remember a few months ago i finally found my new sewing chair after 2 years of looking for one that would fit underneath the dimensions of my sewing desk?  she was pretty right?  yep.  well, i've been looking since then for a home dec weight fabric that i loved that had some turquoise in it...surprise, surprise right?  well, i couldn't find any that fit what i imagined in my head.  so instead of wallowing any longer and despising the ugly worn fabric on there i decided to throw caution to the wind and add some whimsy to my little sewing wall. 

i took my sketch of poppy (my new sewing machine) and headed on over to to go make my own turquoise fabric. now, one month or so & a sample later i've got my pretty fabric, borrowed a staple gun (that had staples in a turquoise container :P) and recovered my sewing chair!  isn't she pretty?!  well....almost.  i was originally going to keep the wood if i could on the chair but now, after it being recovered and me being almost certain that i'm going to paint the desk white (keep the hardware the same), i think the chair should either be a) grey b) white or c) turquoise.

what do you guys think?  you've helped me with this whole process and i feel like i'm about 3/4 of the way done.  just need to get the hubbies butt in gear painting/sanding my desk.  i mean, it's been 3 years it should be anytime now right????  do you like how the fabric turned out?  if you do you can have some too.  check out my page on spoonflower to get your own - find the link to the fabric here. 

did you miss my other sewing area revamp posts?  here they are in case you want to join in.  i could use all the help i can get :)

sewing area revamp part two - blue for me, blue for you

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sewing area revamp part one - pick a color, any color!

oh and don't worry.  i prettied up my space a bit...don't think the ironing board monster disappeared on you all.  he got bigger!  say hi monster :)   and yes, my sewing desk is never that clean either.  it's usually covered in thread, bobbins, scissors and an en mass of other thingamajiggers.  i'm sure you all can relate right?  i mean just look at my fabric.  horrible.  i really need to get on organizing that next but i'll save that for another post.

so....what do you guys think?  grey, white or turquoise for the chair?  do you still think the desk should be either all white or white with a colored top?  i'd love to hear your thoughts so come chat!